NVC photo competition "West-Afrika"

The Dutch Cichlid Association (NVC) is pleased to announce that we can organize a photo competition. Recently Michel Keijman has written a book "Cichlids from Guinea". A beautiful book in A4 format, 116 pages, 217 color photos of the quality that we have come to expect from Michel, supplemented with beautiful drawings by Mitsuhiro Iwamoto and 21 detailed maps. The book will be published in mid-March.

We may give away one book as a prize for a photo competition, which will be devoted to cichlids from the Western part of Africa.

Participation in the NVC photo competition "West Africa" is open to NVC members and non-members. Two photos may be submitted by each person for the photo competition.

The aim is to show the beauty of at least one cichlid as well and beautifully as possible in a photo.

What is the prize to be won

A book "Cichlids from Guinea" signed by Michel Keijman.


At least one cichlid from Western Africa must be the main subject of the photo.
The person who takes part in the photo contest must have taken these photos himself. If this turns out not to be the case, immediate disqualification will follow. It is not mandatory that the depicted fish (s) are also in the possession of the photographer. The cichlids of someone else may therefore act as "photo models".
Substantial editing (eg by using Photoshop) of the photos to be included is not allowed if this detracts from reality. This applies to both fish and background.
Other edits, such as links, banners, watermarks or otherwise to the photo to be included are not allowed.
Each photo submitted must have a minimum resolution of 1800x1200 (or 1200x1800) pixels to be eligible to participate.


Please indicate (only) the full scientific name of the cichlid species (s) shown for each photo. Incorrect names will be corrected so don't let this rule get in the way.
Please include at least your first and last name with the submission.


To participate in the NVC photo competition "West Africa", the images must be sent to fotowedstrijd@nvcweb.nl and comply with the above regulations. The submission of photos is possible with immediate effect until March 26.


Because of the speed in which this photo competition has started, the name of the jury will be announced later. The photos submitted will be assessed against a number of fixed points, the most important of which is the extent to which they meet the requirements of the category. In addition, the sharpness, color and lighting of the photo are examined. As well as to the background, whether there are any disturbing things (visible technique) visible in the photo and of course whether the depicted cichlid is clearly recognizable. The species or variant (and thus the possible rarity) of the depicted cichlid does not influence the assessment. There will be no correspondence about the result. The results will be announced in an extra NVC newsletter, on the NVC Facebook page and on the website.

Exhibition and award ceremony

All entries will be posted on Facebook and the NVC website.


By participating, the entrant agrees that the photo submitted may be used for publication in the magazin Cichlidae, publication on NVCweb, the NVC Facebook page and NVC instagram, as well as for promotional purposes. Of course, the photo will not be provided to third parties without the permission of the original photographer. In case of publication, the original photographer will be mentioned at all times.
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to fotowedrijd@nvcweb.nl

Good luck!